Why and How to Hide your IP- Techniques and Benefits

To give you a better perspective of how to become a smart surfer of the World Wide Web, let’s share a few interesting facts and process about hiding your IP address.

This will not just help you get smart and cautious while surfing online, but would help you get access to many websites etc while dissolving the barrier of security and geographical locations.

What’s Your IP address:

What is an IP, why do you need to hide or mask your IP address sometimes? What is the trick behind the process, and the benefits of this process? May be you know it all, or maybe you know some. The key to secure your IP while surfing any website on the internet is by masking your IP. Read on to know all the answers, the benefits and the methods.


What is IP address?


The plain meaning of IP is Internet Protocol. To define it in detail, it is the unique address which is assigned to every computer or device which accesses the internet.

A tab, a smartphone or business phone, a laptop or desktop computer, each has its unique IP address. It’s just like the address of your home which distinguishes and identifies the home address in the whole world.


The restrictions of real IP address


There are some reasons which often get you into trouble because of you using your real IP address.

  • Your personal details from your device may get tracked through your IP address when a hacker or intruding program attempts, and though this is not as easy as it seems yet a lot of cyber crimes happen through this route.
  • You would not want to leave your digital footprint on the website you visited.
  • You would want to keep your web surfing activities secret before your network operator.
  • You would want to visit a certain website even after they have blacklisted your IP.
  • You would want to surpass any geo location based ban, which often happens with local classifieds, craigslist, and other localized services of other countries.

That is why you would want to hide your IP. The common situations which demand you to mask your IP are:


The benefits of Hiding IP Address


Once you successfully hide your IP, and some other IP of a fake or different address is shown against your device, you can do several online activities securely and safely without getting afraid of being tracked or hacked.

  • Show your full power in SEO and online marketing.
  • Shop online, for items in other countries on their local server, for your family or friends residing there, from your current location.
  • Make your presence on any website sublime.
  • Make transactions related to e-currencies, Forex trading and many such ecommerce based things secure.


How to Hide the IP address


There are various methods to hide your IP address, and there are both free and paid options. Every possible option is discussed below:

  • Using a free proxy or private proxy  There are many different styles and variations for proxies, I suggest to read this post to know where to buy proxies and how to use the proxy.
  • Using a Shared or Public Wi-Fi – in some cafeteria, educational institution, office or some public waiting lounge etc
  • Using a privacy software, such as Tor browser on your device which would mask the IP and set another IP for you to browse the web; these programs are available both free and paid, however the free ones may come in with popup and other disturbances you may not like, also with slow speed.
  • Using a free VPN or paid VPN, virtual private network that allows you to hide your IP address and geographical location by tunnelling your entire internet connection through another server.


Use the VPN to Hide your IP *Best* 


The safest method to hide your IP is by using a VPN – Virtual Private Network. When you use a VPN, you enter a dedicated network with its distinctive IP, and you keep your own IP safe and protected from attacks.

Here I recommend the ipvanish VPN to you, which offering fast speed VPN servers and good for torrent downloading, If you’re want to find more VPN Service you can visit to Top 10 Personal VPN Providers.

The disadvantages are:

  • It is paid and needs you to invest
  • You have to enter the VPN to start working which takes more or less a few minutes depending on your internet connection speed
  • You may have to abide by some terms and website access restrictions for security of the VPN


The advantages are:

  • They are completely secure and safe
  • No malicious program or code can come into your device
  • You get many other software and speed advantages of the VPN
  • Some VPNs are free and you may get all the security and support without investing a dime


The easy and cheap method of hiding Your IP


The cheapest method to hide an IP is by using free proxies or a free Wi-Fi connection at some other location. The disadvantages are:

  • This may work, or may not. While surfing it may stop working, and you can suddenly get kicked out of the distant server as the IP stops working and you are rejected to access the websites.
  • It is time taking, as you have to knock and try a long list of free proxies to see which one is working. If you are lucky you will see the first 1 to 3 IPs to work, else you may have to wait trying 50 times too.

The advantages are:

  • It is absolutely free
  • No need to install any software
  • You may switch between a proxy usage or normal IP usage as and when you want

How should you proceed to hide your IP?


Comparing the various methods you must have understood that some requires you to make small investments while some are free. And again not all the free methods are not as secure and safe as the invested masking options are. Therefore to decide which is best for you, first analyze what your requirements are.

If you have important jobs to do which involves online marketing and optimization work where dissolving geo location barriers is important often, then you may not want to use the cheaper ways. However, if you are just trying it for some fun and experience, try it first with the free options.